Come to Glengarriff

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Glengarriff Bay (Image Credit: Orla-Peach Power)



Come to Glengarriff: come,

Close to the sea,

Ours is a happy home,

Peaceful and free,

There: there far away,

Happy by our summer bay

We live from day to day

As gay as can be.

For ours is a summer home,

Joyous and free,

Come to Glengarriff,

Come close to the sea.



There is Caha mountain range

Frowning and wild,

Ours is a low-land shore

Fertile and mild.

There: there land and strong

Sudden tempest drive along,

Hear there gentle song

And scarce moves a tree;

For ours is a low-land home

Peaceful and free,

Come from the Cities

Glengarriff’s beauties to see.