West Cork Fisheries from 1700

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This section examines the significance of fisheries and aquaculture to the West Cork coast from 1700 through to the present day, and considers the following questions:

  • What kinds of fish are found on this coast and has this changed over time?
  • Who established and worked on the fisheries?
  • What support have governments provided?
  • How has West Cork’s fishing industry shaped its culture?
  • Can we use our understanding of fishing in the past to help us address current ecological concerns?

Follow the links below to learn more about the  history of West Cork fisheries.​

1608 Map of Ireland    
Introduction About Fisheries Infrastructure
 Clonfert Mermaid  Jaques Fontaine
Aquaculture  Folklore  1700-1750
1750-1800 1800-1850

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