The Red Fuchsia Tree

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In Glengarriff: you see the mountains so bare and so blue;

That always and ever are changing their hue;

The water that looks now dark and forbidding;

Then smooth, blue and shiny alluring and rippling,

The islets and islands,

The fir trees are there,

The home of the heron

The flight of the heron

Are wond’rous to see

But so is the cot

With the Red Fuchsia Tree.



See here comes the mother with fish in her beak,

She flies to the tree top and then what a cheep!

A cheeping and chuntering

And clanking “Oh My”!

Such a terrible noise

To come from so high

With great wings outspread

And long weel drawn inwards

And orange-crossed legs

She lazily flaps right down to the edge

Of the grey rock, blue water, brown seaweed and sedge.

Well the flight of the Heron

Is something to see

But so is the cot

With the Red Fuchsia Tree.



The sheep and the lambs,

The old horned ram,

The ass and the foal,

The curlew that whistles his desolate call.

The sea birds on high

Right on the blue sky,

The man and his boat,

The brook and its song

As it hurries along.

The bog with its flowers

So sweet with the showers,

The sunshine, the clouds,

The breeze and the sea,

The cot with its tatch

And the Red Fuchsia Tree.



                 The cot is so tiny

It scarce can be seen,

vYou walk down the grey road

And never would dream

That a cottage stood there

Till you see midst the grey

Rocks, green grass and blue hills,

A wonderful gleam of bright red

Quite close to the roadside

And by the blue sea,

The cot with its brown thatch

And Red Fuchsia Tree.



I can’t make you see it

Or hear it or smell,

There’s so much its so great

Poor words fail to tell it.

The peat smell, the blue smoke,

The green grass and potatoes,

And such kind simple people

Who always give greetings!

“Oh glory be, ’tis the fine evening, Miss,”

They meet you

And greet you

With words such as this.

They are one with the mountains

And islands and sea,

And little brown cot

And the Red Fuchsia Tree.