The Prince of Wales’ Route

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Next summer we expect your Royal Highness to leave England, in

your airship now so grand,

You’ll take an air-ride to old Ireland and land in Belfast strand.

The people of the northern counties will come round to congratulate


Just one of King Edward’s type, you’re a man so brave and true.



When you’ll arrive in Dublin city you’ll meet President Cosgrave there,

He’ll invite you to the Parliament house, his members will be there.

The jug and bottle will go round and the sport will begin,

Your Royal Highness will have a gay time with President Cosgrave and

his men.



When motoring through Cork city you’ll go to kiss the Blarney stone,

You’ll get as high a reception there as if you were the King upon his


The people of this City are intelligent, good-hearted race you see,

They warmly greet all visitors, I’m sure you will agree.



King Edward visited Cork City about thirty years ago,

He got the best reception any man ever got I wish you all to know.

The streets and windows were decorated with all kinds of flowers and

flags you see,

That’s the time King Edward knighted Fitzgerald the Lord Mayor

of Cork and they had a jolly spree.



When going along the *“Prince of Wales Route,” Macroom, Inchigeela,

and along by Bantry Bay,

You’ll see the most magnificent scenery ever you saw when speeding

on that way,

And when you’ll reach Glengarriff, you will look out for O’Sullivan


I’ll have my boat and fishing tackle for your Royal Highness there.



When you’ll visit Killarney you’ll climb the Mac-na-gillicuddy reeks

so green and bare,

Its there you’ll pluck white heather, that lovely plant so rare.

The Prince of Wales is winding up his holiday after visiting Killarney’s

lakes and dells,

He goes right back to Dublin City where he bids President Cosgrave

a short farewell.



Then he is off to Belfast City, he gets aboard his air-craft there,

This gallant hero, his Royal Highness moves swiftly through the air.

Very soon he is back to Belvedera where he meets the Royal pair,

And feels highly delighted with Ireland’s beauty spots and the poems

of O’Sullivan Bere.


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