Poulgorm, Glengarriff

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This video features Orla-Peach Power reading Denis O’Sullivan’s ‘Poulgorm, Glengarriff’. The poem is displayed below it.





Oh! Lovely Poulgorm, King Edward called you sweet,

With your wooded surroundings where the blue waters meet.

King Edward, he travelled for many a long mile,

He came to visit you here in your own native isle.



Farewell to Glengarriff, farewell to your shore,

Farewell to Poulgorm, I’ll come to see you once more.

I’m off to Killarney, more beauties to see,

But none like Poulgorm quite close to the sea.



He said you were enchanting and charming to see,

You’re situated in a position quite close to the sea.

He rowed o’er your bosom in 1858,

And fished the Proudly River with his fiery brown bait.



Those stately fir trees are about 60 feet high,

And here on their branches the heron do lie.

When the tide is out the herons seek their prey,

And we’re wishing the young Prince would come here to stay.



So now to conclude and finish my song,

I hope you’re all pleased, I have nothing said wrong.

Why not the young Prince come to visit Glengarriff’s beauty

spots like King Edward did before,

And thousands would follow like they did in days of yore