Glengarriff Bay

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One Summer’s evening for recreation,

Through splendid valleys I chanced to stray,

Where small birds whistle and pigeons coo,

In the lovely groves of Glengarriff Bay.



Lord Bantry’s cottage is placed in grandeur,

And Tourist’s roam there from day to day,

Both Dukes and Earls from all nations

Come to view the groves by Glengarriff Bay.



With her ancient glens and lofty mountains,

Her lovely dells and bright waterfalls,

In all my ranging, likewise arrading,

Glengarriff’s equal I never saw.



There is White’s castle in its seat of grandeur,

And on its round tower yon gentry stands,

With telescopes both long and slender,

To view the groves by Glengarriff Bay.



From the first of summer to the first of autumn,

Motors drive there from day to day,

From Macroom into sweet Bantry,

And all around by Glengarriff Bay.



With her pretty island and splendid bays,

Where boats in motion row from day to day,

In cold or storm there is smooth water,

In this lovely harbour called Glengarriff Bay.



So fare thee well, my sweet Glengarriff,

I will cross the ocean to a foreign clime,

And fare thee well, my friends and parents,

And my dear colleen I left behind.