Denis H. O’Sullivan, Tourists’ Boatman, Glengarriff.

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I’m Denis H. O’Sullivan, I live convenient here,

A descendant of the grand old clan that reigned at Castle Bere.

This is O’Sullivan’s country, I wish you all to know,

O’Sullivan fought great battles here 360 years ago.



When your honour wants a man, Glengarriff for to show,

Step right into my “Colleen Bawn” and I’ll take you for a row

Around its charming beauty spots—its inlets creeks and bays,

There is no one knows them half so well, so everybody says.



As Denis H. O’Sullivan is highly recommended here

By the famous writer, George Bernard Shaw, who says he ne’er had


A boatman quite my equal for knowledge, wit and sport,

For truthfulness and humour around the Irish coast.



But sure when he was leaving, “Denis, my boy,” said he,

“If ever you want a reference, just apply to me,

And I’ll recommend you—a descendant of O’Sullivan Bere,

As Denis H. O’Sullivan, the most entertaining boatman here.”



Now all you sporting visitors who wish Glengarriff’s beauty spots

to see,

Take a boat ride with O’Sullivan, I’m sure you will agree.

I sing songs of my own composition in a sweet tenor voice you see,

And will give you high entertainment that will fill your hearts with