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Lough Hyne: Deep Map

Lough Hyne was designated Europe’s first statutory Marine Nature Reserve in 1981.  Located on the West Cork coast, it is a highly-sheltered seawater lake surrounded by cliffs, beaches, boulders and salt-marshes.

The Lough is connected to the Atlantic Ocean via a narrow, shallow constriction known as the “Rapids”. Water floods in through the Rapids for 4 hours and ebbs for 8.5 hours. This contributes to the wide variety of marine plants and animals that are found at Lough Hyne.

Explore our interactive ‘deep map’ of Lough Hyne.  Layer by layer, uncover the rich maritime heritage of the area through seven different, but interrelated themes: art, biology, environment, folklore, history, literature and music.

If you’ve not used this kind of map before, you might find our information sheet ‘Exploring The Lough Hyne Deep Map‘ useful.