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Principal Investigator Prof. Claire Connolly presented on Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures at the Oceans Past VI International Conference, 15-19 May 2017.

The sixth conference in the Oceans Past series, it was held by CHAM-FCSH, NOVA/UAc with the support of Sesimbra Municipality (Portugal) under the main theme ‘Historical Perspectives on the Elements and Dynamics of the Socio-Ecological System’.

The Deep Maps presentation commenced with an introduction to some of the environmental priorities that relate to the West Cork coastal region. Next, Claire discussed how these priorities have emerged over time, analysing their portrayal in cultural data including folklore, historical writing, literature and visual arts. This framed a final discussion on some of the ways in which we have been working with local communities to understand the significance of this coastal region to them, in terms of what they value most about it, and their environmental concerns.

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