Landscapes, Environment and Heritage in Irish Studies

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This workshop was organised by Dr. Anna Pilz, and was funded by the Irish Research Council.

Prof. Claire Connolly, Dr Michael Waldron, Orla-Peach Power and Breda Moriarty presented on behalf of the Deep Maps team.

Professor Claire Connolly introducing the Deep Maps Project (Image Credit: Michael Waldron)

For those studying and researching Irish landscapes, there is a plethora of data and information available ranging from historic maps to GPS data, literary geographies, architectural and archaeological sources, oral histories and visual representations. What are the common codes and methodologies in this inherently inter-disciplinary research field? This workshop seeks to contribute to this discussion both from a standpoint within and outside of the higher education environment by asking:

  1. What types of sources can we draw on to understand Irish landscapes, past and present?
  2. Which methodologies do we employ within the different disciplines in order to understand and interpret Irish landscapes, be they rural, urban, coastal, forests, bogs, fields, rivers, built or non-built environments, inhabited or un-inhabited?
  3. How can digital methodologies such as Geographical Information Systems assist in interpreting Irish landscapes?
  4. What methods can be employed to identify, compare, and determine change over time?
  5. How can we develop a critical, aesthetic and political discourse that works in collaboration with governmental incentives?
  6. How can we further a dialogue between the academy, the public, and governmental institutions?
  7. How might we best overcome challenges of inter-disciplinary research projects and what type of infrastructure within the academy and beyond would be useful?
Orla-Peach Power Presenting on the Digital element of the Deep Maps Project (Image Credit: Dr. Michael Waldron)

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