Glossary of Terms

Feminisation Forced transition of male to female

Hybridisation: The breeding of two varieties of organisms to produce offspring known as hybrids

Landings: The fish caught that are actually brought to shore

Mariculture:  Aquaculture specifically of marine organisms

Non-Target Species:  Species not specifically targeted as a component of the catch; may be incidentally captured as part of the targeted catch

Ocean ProductivityGeneration of biomass by marine organisms

Offshore:  Situated at sea, far from the shore

Onshore: Situated on land

pH Scale: Scale for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, with 1 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline.

Pinnipeds:  Order comprised of seals and walrus

Predation:  The feeding of one animal upon another

Sessile: Non-mobile organisms

Substratum: An underlying layer , particularly a layer of rock or sediment beneath the surface of the ground

TBT: A now banned, synthetic chemical used to prevent biofouling (Tributyl tin)

Turbidity: Cloudiness/haziness of water due to suspended particles

Whitefish: Refers to several species of demersal finfish. E.g. Cod, Herring, Whiting, Hake, and Haddock